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As more racers are carrying radios on their person for safety reasons I would like to offer some guidance on how and when to use them.

First your radio should only be used for emergencies.

Should you or someone else need emergency assistance turn your radio to D1 or District Channel 1. Before you radio in try to gather the following information.

  1. Where: A GPS location is best but if one is not available then land marks, how far before or after a check and how far off the ribbon.
  2. When: How long ago did the accident take place?
  3. Type Of Emergency: Try to take 1 minute to evaluate the victim. I.e. Head Injury, conscious, unconscious, coherent, deformity like leg or arm, collar bone, major bleeding or medical emergency like dehydration, diabetic or any other information that would be important. Give your opinion on the extent of the injuries.
  4. Who: Plate number and club affiliation only. (This is critical)

Now if you are in a valley you may need to move to higher ground and do not walk around or move once you make contact.

Listen to your radio on D1 or District 1 and when you do not hear any other traffic break in by keying your mic and saying “Race Relay this is an emergency do you copy” then wait for a response. After about 10 seconds if you get no response try again. On the third try key your mic and say “this is an emergency does anyone have a copy” If you get a response from a Rescue 3 person they will advise you and take the call. If it is other than Rescue 3 ask them if they can relay to Race Relay that you have an emergency and use them as a go between.

Race Relay as well as the command post will also monitor Rescue 3 channel 2. You can try this as an alternative.

If you cannot make radio contact you will need to move up hill or to another area and try again. Sometimes 20 feet can make a difference.

If you choose to stay and monitor the patient until help arrives. Please radio back to relay using the same procedure if there are any significant changes. Such as a conscious patient loosing consciousness or the patient gets on his bike and leaves. We in Rescue 3 spend a lot of time chasing ghosts and this information is important.

Thank you for your willingness to give up your race or positions to help another rider.

Mike G.

Radio Protocol Word Document Download

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