Rescue 3 Maps and GPS Basic



GPS Guide

How To Bring Your Club into
the 21st Century, and also…

  • Save everybody time
  • Reduce Rescue-3 response time
  • Have accurate maps
  • Get free help!


  1. Gather the right GPS data
    • Garmin GPs units are the standard, and must be able to interface with a computer
      • We need two things: Waypoints of all checks, major crossings, downhills, etc.
      • A GPS "track" of the course itself
  2. Clean-up the GPS data
    • Transfer the data to your computer
    • Use Mapsource software, and save in MPS format (second choice is GDB)
  3. Create Maps from the GPS data
    • These programs offer the best map quality, although Mapsource maps will do the job:  National Geographic's "Topo!", DeLorme's "3-D Topo Quads"
  4. Please Email this data to us well in advance of the race.

          Or Contact Rescue-3 for free help: Email or (909)289-8730

  • GPS Advance - PDF

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