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Thank you for looking at our “Join Rescue 3” page.

On this page you find information about Rescue 3, what we do and what you can do to help.

Rescue 3 volunteers communicate with each other on a regular basis between races in a special member’s only area of this site, by e-mail and by phone. We not only volunteer our time in the field but spend many hours preparing and planning.

We have many positions available for new volunteers. You can put in as little or as much time as you want. We are like a family and enjoy the company and friendship of one another.

We have two types of volunteers. The first is Regular Members with voting rights that have made a commitment to Rescue 3. The second are guest volunteers that for the most part just show up for the weekends they can attend, and keep in touch but have not been voted in and or made a commitment.

On this site you will have gotten information about what we do now I will tell you about how we do it and what you can do to help.

Communication: During a race Robert T is our Relay 

Robert is looking for an assistant at this time. Robert takes a truck and goes to the top of a mountain to relay by radio not only our needs, but also those of the host club, race referee and broke down riders.

This is one of the most important jobs and also a thankless one except by a few of us that know what he does. Relay keeps track of riders during the race; check points, start, finish, sweeps, radio traffic and Rescue 3. One day listening to the radio and you will know if this is for you. Expect long hours, as he is one of the first ones out and almost always the last to go home.

Transport / Driver: Rescue 3 drivers are paired up with medical partners to work the race. This is the most fun you can have off road in your 4x4. You will travel over rough desert terrain, dirt and score roads, asphalt you name it you will see it. You may be called to back up and transport for one of our Rapid Response Teams carrying the items they cannot strap to their backs. 

If you become a regular driver you will be issued Rescue 3 magnetic signs for your doors, and a radio. At some point in the future we hope to have GPS tracking so a unit may be given to you. Most likely at some point you might want emergency lights for the top and a GPS unit inside to help guide you.

When a rider is hurt seeing your truck is like seeing an angel. We would encourage you to take a basic first aid and CPR course to assist your medical partner. When you arrive on scene your partner will evaluate your patient and either you will assist with setting up an LZ (Landing Zone) and communications for air transport or you will transport the patient back to the Command Post.

This is one of the most rewarding jobs in Rescue 3 but it comes at a cost to your 4x4. The good news is that for regular members we can help you if repairs are needed or the gas tank is low.

Medical: First Responders, EMT’s, Paramedics, RN’s, Doctors if you have training we need you. You will be teamed up with a driver and go out there and treat the wounded. This is the most rewarding job in Rescue 3. Injuries vary from minor to critical. Unless you are already confident we will not send you out there on your own. You will work with current Rescue 3 people until you are ready. Our goal is to shorten the time from injury to hospital, keeping our time in the “golden Hour of Opportunity as short as possible”

Command Post: Command and leadership is done at our Command Post. Richard and Kim C run it at this time, but before long we expect that Richard will come back out in the field with us. In the Command Post you help walk ups, look at maps along with GPS and coordinate the units, ambulances and work with race relay. At this point we do have room for one more in the Command Post. If you like radio operations give one day in the Command Post a try and you will know if this job is for you.

Rapid Response Team: This is the one everyone would like to do but is not for everyone. At this point we have 7 regular members, 1 guest member and 2 more waiting to give it a try. Rapid response team members ride bikes or quads.

On the rapid response team you will know you put in a day’s work. On our worst day we were called out to 6 traumas in about one hour, one of which had serious injuries that required air transport. You must be able to make quick good decisions for yourself, your team and your patient.

You are likely to go where no truck can go and or to someone critical as fast as you can safely go. You will get many calls to ghost riders (Accidents that do not exist) as we are faster than the trucks. You may spend hours sitting in one spot or spend all day moving around the area. You are not in control but a tool of the Command Post following their direction.

For this job you need to be confident in your medical skills, confident in your riding skills, in good physical shape and get along with and watch the back of your partners. On average we wear 40 pounds of gear on our back and ride about 50 to 75 miles per race. Your equipment must be in perfect condition. You must put your safety first, control your adrenaline, and be willing to weigh the risk VS reward factor when deciding what you can and can’t do.

No one on our Rapid Response team has escaped get off’s and equipment problems. If you think it hurts to fall when racing try it with 40 pounds of gear wrapped around you. When you get tired you can’t do a DNF. Someone out there is depending on you. We go off the beaten path and getting lost is reality. You must carry enough food, water, blankets and tools to take care of yourself.

If you think you have what it takes to ride with the Rapid Response Team we would love to hear from you.

For more information or to give it a try contact myself, or any member of Rescue 3 by e-mail, phone or direct at the Command Post found near sign ups.

 Thanks for your interest

Marc “with a C” Nelissen

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