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What You Should Do If You Crash Or Break Down

Breakdowns- First get your bike and yourself off the course. Second turn your bike or quad to face oncoming riders so they can get your number. Three if you have a pen on your card or on some paper write down your name, number, location as best you can, your club or club you are pitting with and what the problem is. Be patient! Never leave your bike. Help will come and you will be easier to find with your bike or quad. If you take off walking you could become dehydrated effecting your level of consciousness and get yourself lost or you could fall and hurt yourself or be bitten by a snake off the beaten path. If you are by the course you can flag a rider if your health becomes an issue. If possible shade your self and try to stay hydrated.

Crashes- Each crash is different but if you can follow the advice above then flag a rider down. If your injuries are serious ask them to stay with you. If you have possible internal injuries or broken bones do not move or be moved. Ask them to flag another rider and send word via card or in writing to the closest check ASAP. Make sure and let them know what type of injury you have. Rescue 3 sometimes will have multiple calls and needs to sort them by seriousness. Relax as best you can, it may be a while. Do not depend on the first rider to leave word with the check. Stop another rider ever 10 or 15 minutes or so and ask them to tell check you’re still there and any new information. Never leave your bike unless your in the course and could get hit. Then only if you have no internal or possible back or neck injuries. If you have breaks or internal injuries have the rider direct traffic around you and stop others for help. If for any reason you leave make sure to send word to check that you have left otherwise Rescue 3 and others will be looking for you! When you get back to the pits go to or send someone to the Rescue 3 command post to let them know you are back and safe.

Tips: Today you can buy a GPS for less than a hundred dollars. With a GPS you can give your location saving a lot of time, if injured that time could save your life. Never ride without water. If you have medical problems make sure to have meds with you. Keep a pen, paper and a lighter just incase. A space blanket will make great shade or offer warmth and weighs ounces. Join a club or at least hook up with one for the race! I carry a couple beef sticks and my meds in my camel pack. Plenty of room and may make my wait more comfy.

Stay safe,
Mike G.

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