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Rescue 3 Originally established as a mine rescue team in 1969, we now specialize in medical support of motorized off highway recreation.

We are available 24/7 through the Barstow field office of the BLM to assist with search and rescue efforts in the Mojave Desert. Our main purpose and goal is to assist OHV users in the Southern California deserts when they are in need of Search and Rescue services.  We often provide support for pre-scheduled motor sports events; however, we do not exclusively support events. We spend several weekends a year making our services available to the general OHV public, usually on weekends with high visitation and in popular camping/staging areas.

When our services are requested at an event we make ourselves available to anyone who asks. The events we work generally have large congregations of OHV users and therefore are more likely to place us in close proximity to a need for assistance. When we deploy in an OHV area for an event we are there to assist anyone in the area as the need arises from time we are on scene to the time we leave the area.

We arrive with our Highly Visible purpose built 30' Command Post trailer equipped with a rooftop observation deck for visual aid and the mounting of our large communications antennas. It has a communications room with satellite phone, cellular phone and 2 way radio communications. It also has a computer and printer for creating maps and programming radios and GPS units as needed. There is a patient treatment area with room for supplies and storage. During transportation the Command Post trailer will carry 1 UTV and up to 2 motorcycles. Depending on needs, some Volunteers will arrive, towing response vehicles and others in their personal vehicles. We have access to several lodging trailers, many of these are dual use and carry response vehicles and then can be converted to lodging upon arrival.

First and foremost, our members have current First-Aid and CPR certifications.  The team also contains many EMTs, as well as other certified medical providers, such as RNs, and those with military and ski-patrol medical experience.

Secondary to medical skills and what makes Rescue 3 stand out from other groups is our off-road logistical capabilities.  For any given call out, Rescue 3 brings a Command Post trailer, a dedicated Radio Relay, several 4x4 trucks, UTV’s and a host of rapid-response teams on dirt bikes and quads.  All personnel carry professional public-service grade radio equipment, and all teams are GPS-enabled.  This equipment is supplemented by the off-road experience of our members both required to safely and quickly traverse the harsh desert terrain of the Mojave Desert.  Most members have extensive experience riding dirt bikes in the Southern California deserts, and know the terrain from memory.  The combination of our equipment and experience enables us to search for, and rescue, trauma patients, much quicker than government agencies.  We can then coordinate transfer of patients to medical facilities, by ground ambulance or airship, as required.

Lastly, there are two things Rescue 3 has that many other groups do not and that’s enthusiasm, and a drive for improvement.  Because Rescue 3 is staffed by dedicated volunteers, who bear considerable personal expense, we love what we do.  Also, because we come from the off-road community, we feel a commitment to our fellow racers, riders, drivers, and their families.

Rescue 3 Team and Mercy Air

Members of Rescue 3 appear in the photo above, with a flight crew of professionals from Mercy Air.  An informal partnership between the two groups has resulted is faster response times for patient transports.  Rescue 3 could not ask for a better air ambulance provider.

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