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    Thanks again for all everyone does for Rescue 3.


2010 Rescue 3 Team

R3 Group Pic Late 2006

Mercy Air and Rescue 3 Team


Another Atta-Boy R3--From Mercy Air

As the mechanic of the aircraft that carried Mr. Sileski to Loma Linda, I have been asked by the pilot who flew him that day to send out a "Job well done" to all of Rescue 3. His comments to me went something like...
"It was total chaos out there, but those guys were all over it!" or

"Thier communication, landing zone prep and patient prep totally blows away ANY volunteer fire department I have EVER delt with" (and he's delt with many)

"They just kicked *#%!!!"

Needless to say, he was quite impressed by Rescue 3. One other thing he talked about was how cool it was when he first lifted off and was able to look over at the line of what looked like 300 bikes, and everyone was thrusting their fists into the air and cheering. Gave him the chills. And me too. I told him the District is just a big family who cares for and takes care of each other.
On a personal note, I want to wish Steven all the best. The speed of his recovery is truly amazing. Even the medical crew was blown away when I told them this morning that he was already home. Trust me, they see ALOT of truama. Their initial comment to me on Monday was, "He's in pretty bad shape" Coming from them, that said more than I wanted to hear.
Thanks again Rescue 3. You guys saved my butt more than once back in the early nineties. Please don't forget to drop a few bucks in the jar at sign-ups. They more than deserve it.

Mark Evans
HBMC/Mercy Air 2

PS: When you guys get our bill, try not to cringe too hard. These things are VERY expensive to fly and maintain. Thanks


I just want to say thanks to all of you guys & gals for doing what you do. I've scraped my self off the ground so many times and I feel that I was so lucky to get back up with out help. But now Its to close to home so I think Its time to say It [ THANKS FOR SAVING STEVE AND ALL THE OTHERS ] .[ You guys rock]. So If ya guys need something let me no [Fabs work is what I do ].

Thanks, Scott Norton

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